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About Us

AAMLP is the representative voice of the medico-legal services provider industry and represents 15 Australian medico-legal service providers. It seeks to influence the direction and outcome of policy reviews on medico-legal issues to ensure that the interests of the members are protected.


AAMLP exists to:

  • Act as the peak consultative group for the medico-legal service providers in Australasia.
  • Provide a forum for the open exchange of ideas, information and views on issues of common interest for the medical indemnity industry.
  • Be a point of contact for and to represent the AALMP members in all matters involving contact with stakeholders at all levels.
  • Be a point of contact to liaise and work from an industry perspective with key stakeholders.
  • Review, develop and promote appropriate industry standards and protocols.
  • Represent the common voice of the medico-legal industry on issues of key and/or urgent concern.
  • Establish working parties and committees, as required, to review issues of urgent or industry concern.
  • Enhance the image of the medico-legal industry.